Worshipping the Beast

Karl D. writes:

Take a look at this photo of a beastly rapper named “Flo Rida” (after the State of Florida). Notice the color of all the young worshipping female arms reaching out to him. Even more sickening is the fact that these white girls appear to be in their early teens.

It is indeed their country now.


LA to Karl D.

Thanks for sending this. That photograph perfectly symbolizes today’s culture and what America now is.

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Ryker H. writes:

As nauseating as that image is, imagine what is taking place backstage after the show.

John McNeil writes:

Say what you will about rock music, but at least in that world it’s largely white men that are admired. Sometimes I can’t help but wonder if the media deliberately decided to push rock out of the mainstream and replace it with rap so they could have effects like that in the photo.

Posted by Lawrence Auster at December 10, 2012 11:20 AM | Send

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