Napolitano’s off-the-planet plea for Americans to support the private-parts-scan-and-grope regime

Janet Napolitano, in a USA Today column defending the naked body scan measures, writes:

[W]e ask the American people to play an important part of our layered defense. We ask for cooperation, patience and a commitment to vigilance in the face of a determined enemy.

To which Michelle Malkin retorts:

When Obama homeland security officials won’t even name that “determined enemy,” who can blame Americans for refusing to cooperate?

DHS Secretary Clownitano has cuddled with the Muslim Brotherhood, and exhibited extreme delusional behavior and dhimmitude in the face of jihadi threats. Now, she’s telling us to show a “commitment to vigilance?”

The only thing I can possibly say in her defense is that TSA’s credibility problems long predate her tenure.

Two words: Norm Mineta.

Malkin’s statement is magnificent and needs no addition. But I just want to say this. Malkin is one of the very few conservatives who point out that the “air travel safety through dhimmitude” dispensation began under President Bush. The overwhelming majority of conservatives never criticized him for it then, and don’t criticize him for it now. They only attack anti-Americanism when it’s practiced by a Democrat, not by a Republican. In this, they are without honor.

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Stephen T. writes:

Remember that Janet Napolitano told Americans who wanted border control as a pre-condition to immigration reform, “You’re never going to seal the border.” However, it seems she believes we CAN seal the 87,000 daily commercial flights in the U.S. Body scans in hundreds of airports across 50 states, physical groping of tens of thousands of Americans, inconveniencing of millions: Eminently doable. Patrolling a fixed geographical line, mostly uninhabited, which we have 100 percent access to and control of, against the assault of uneducated peasants from a backwards country: IMPOSSIBLE.

LA replies:

If there are any Arizonans reading this, could you explain how this goggle-eyed leftist freak was twice elected governor of your reputedly conservative state?

November 16

LA writes:

An answer to my question has been posted here.

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