Conservative child prodigy turns liberal

Daniel S. writes:

This is why I hate Republican celebrity worship. I remember how this Jonathan Krohn, as a 13 year old “conservatives,” was a featured speaker at the 2009 CPAC conference and treated as someone important by the Republicans, including Newt Gingrich. At age 14 he wrote a book, Defining Conservatism: The Principles that Will Bring Our Country Back. Well, he has turned liberal, and endorses the entire Obama agenda including homosexual “marriage” and Obamacare. He says his former conservative views were just a childish parroting of his conservative environment in Georgia. He claims his reading of Nietzsche and other German philosophers led him to liberalism (if true, he misunderstood Nietzsche, who was an ardent critic of liberalism). I always thought the kid looked a little bit too much like a young David Frum.

We see how hollow the Republicans are and why Plato never trusted the political opinion of anyone under 40.

Yes, we know that Isaiah said (11:6) that
“a little child shall lead them.” But in the
real world, is that really such a good idea?

LA replies:

The article concludes:

He goes on to attribute his conversion to “maturity overall”: “People don’t realize I was 14 when I wrote that book. I’m 17 now. In terms of my life, three years is a long time in a 17-year-old’s life.”

“Come on, I was thirteen,” he concluded. “I was thirteen.”

Yes, but the Republican politicians who touted him as a conservative prodigy and gave him a national stage were adults.

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