Unbelievable—Lucianne Goldberg, that supposedly tough-as-nails Republican partisan, joins the oh-so-superior Karl Rove and the oh-so-precious John of Powerline in totally writing off Christine O’Donnell

Underneath a story about Christine O’Donnell’s 13 year old “I dabbled in witchcraft” comment that was posted at Lucianne.com just before midnight last night, Lucianne added her editorial comment:

She’s done. Melting. Toast. Wow. Suddenly Karl Rove doesn’t seem so stupid anymore. I really hate it when that slime Maher scores. He had this in his vault.

But now get this. Lucianne’s readers don’t agree with her at all. I’ve scanned quickly through the first 100 comments and I don’t see a single commenter who agrees with her. Repeat: every one of the first 100 comments at Lucianne.com that I’ve looked at disagrees with Lucianne. It’s an all-out split between the conservative leaders and the conservative troops.

Again, this is so much like what happened with Terry Jones’s announced Koran burning. The entire conservative elite reacted out of ancient, automatic brain circuitry (“Ooh, I’m againt book burnings! That’s un-American! That’s Nazi-like!”), without their thinking a single thought about what Jones was actually trying to convey, without their even reading his intelligent explanation of his reasons for his planned action. In the same way, with O’Donnell, the elite saw the word “witchcraft,” and they instantly went, “Yecch, I, the great Karl Rove / John Hinderaker / Lucianne Goldberg , can’t have anything to do with that,” without making the slightest attempt to get the facts and context of the remark—for all they know, O’Donnell was 18 when she did this “dabbling.” Michelle Malkin, focused on the facts as always, presented the context (as did I). Lucianne didn’t take that in. She just reacted out of class prejudice and the perceived requirements of preserving her elite self-image and position.

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