Is there a precedent for the suicide of the white West?

Doug H. writes:

Today, I decided to promote a couple of my employees. I am in management, and, having been a supervisor, I have been in on giving a few promotions. I have never been on the side where I had to fill out paperwork for the promotions. Like so many military retirees, I work for a large defense contractor. The contractor must comply with all federal rules. It was eye opening going through the paperwork. I have to post an open position within the company to allow others to compete for the jobs that I am trying to promote the two men into. The human resources department informed me we could be in trouble if a minority or protected group person felt slighted because I promoted someone. This is ridiculous, because one of the people I am promoting is a black man.

This brings me to my point. White men, unless gay or disabled, are on the very bottom of the list of candidates for contracting and federal jobs. Why do we stand for this? Here is my central question. Has there ever been, in all of history, a group of people who was at the top of power, grand explorers, and conquerors, yet they give up their power and willingly stood by while different people, and in many cases less capable people, took over and ruled the once powerful? The key here being WILLINGLY.

LA replies:


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