An honor killing trifecta

Last July, in a sensational crime I neglected to post about at the time, a Muslim couple in Canada were arrested for killing all three of their teenaged daughters, plus the man’s first wife, by driving them into a canal in Kingston, Ontario. The couple’s son was also arrested.

Charged were Mohammed Shafi, his wife Tooba Mohammad Yhaya, their 18-year-old son Hamid Mohammed Shafi. Mohammed obviously played a uniquely important role in this family. The slain teenage girls were Zainab Shafi, 19, Sahar Shafi, 17, and Geeti Shafi, 13. The murdered ex wife of Mohammed Shafi was Rona Amir Mohammed.

Last year a Muslim man in Texas was charged with killing two of his daughters. But wiping out all three of your daughters, essentially destroying your own family for honor’s sake. that really takes honor killing to a new level.

Excuse the macabre thought, but the grotesque nature of the facts suggests it: perhaps what we are seeing here is the template of the long-sought solution to the Islam problem, a solution we won’t have to lift a finger to make happen—Muslims wiping each other out, because of their insufficient honor. Eventually there will be no Muslims left. We’ll call it honor auto-genocide.

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October 28

Jonathan L. writes:

I guess you must now amend your very pithy aphorism:

“Liberal society is a factory for the production of dead young white AND MUSLIM women.”

LA replies:

You’re right. We invite Muslims into our ultra-liberal society; young Muslim females naturally start to participate in our ultra liberal society; and this gets them killed by their male relatives.

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