Huckabee and the commutation; and the disappearance of Mangan’s blog

The discussion on Mike Huckabee continues here.

On another matter, readers began pointing out a few hours ago that Dennis Mangan’s blog has been removed. I assume it’s simply a glitch of some kind. If Mangan were going to stop blogging, he would announce that he was doing so, and also he would not delete his entire blogging oeuvre. As for the possibility of censorship, I’ve never heard of Blogger, the free program that runs Mangan’s and most other blogs, taking a blog off-line because of political content.

Update: The blogger Half Sigma got an e-mail from Mangan saying he was unable to log into his own blog. Half Sigma then quotes Blogger’s “hate-speech” policies which raise the alarming possibility that Blogger may have simply, without any warning to Mangan, deleted his entire blog. I hope he has a back-up.

Posted by Lawrence Auster at November 30, 2009 11:35 PM | Send

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