Times blames British riots on spending cuts

M. Mason writes:

In what purports to be a straight news article about the situation in Britain, the New York Times includes their ready explanation for the “root cause” of the riots:

For a society already under severe economic strain, the rioting raised new questions about the political sustainability of the Cameron government’s spending cuts, particularly the deep cutbacks in social programs. These have hit the country’s poor especially hard, including large numbers of the minority youths who have been at the forefront of the unrest.

That’s the liberal dog whistle meant to convey an unmistakable message to citizens in the U. S.: if riots like this spread to America, the Tea Party is to blame for it.

Instapundit links to another online blog article about the story that carries this apt headline:

“Democrats Continue To Accuse The Tea Party Of Terrorism As Leftists Burn London To The Ground.”

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