Ryan on happiness, cont.

Several more readers disagree with my interpretation of Paul Ryan’s statement on happiness, and (guess what?) I reply.

Also, readers should understand that my criticisms of Ryan and Romney do not necessarily mean that I am not going to vote for them. We are currently under a criminal leftist president who intends to work a revolution in America if he is re-elected. He must be stopped, whatever the inadequacies of the Republican ticket. But this site is not about rallying the troops or following each day’s back-and-forth between the Democrats and Republicans; there are more than enough sites—indeed, the entire conservative Web—that do nothing but that. This site is about understanding the liberal ideology under which we live, with the near-term aim of becoming free of it as individuals, and the long-term aim of becoming free of it as a society.

Posted by Lawrence Auster at August 15, 2012 11:11 PM | Send

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