I’ve contradicted myself on the question of prayer

It’s funny, but I just realized that when I recently said that I do not relate to praying to God for material benefits for myself, I was contradicting what I was saying—and doing—just a few months ago.

Sometime in the late fall, I had decided on certain prayers I needed to make, and I was making them. The first was that I straighten myself out with God before I die.

The second was that I be able to complete my must-do projects, mainly writing projects, but also personal projects, before I die. (I think there was a third prayer, but I don’t remember what it was; maybe there were only two prayers.)

I feel I have, through God’s grace, made amazing progress on the spiritual goal that I was praying for. In amazed gratitude I’ve written several times about my sense of greater closeness to Jesus.

In any case I was wrong in saying I did not like to pray for material benefits for myself.

Posted by Lawrence Auster at March 19, 2013 05:30 PM | Send

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