What are male and female? And do their differences matter?

In a 2009 entry at The Thinking Housewife, Laura Wood summarizes the basic attributes of the sexes, namely that men are primarily about “doing” and women are primarily about loving and being loved. That entry is linked in a current entry in which a female commenter named Inez boasts of her “masculine” characteristics—“I fix cars, I shoot guns, I play sports. I delight in the ‘doing’ and the competition”—and says that they offer no obstacle to her future success as a wife and mother. Laura replies, with her characteristic ruthless honesty that gives no quarter to a false position, that a woman who “looks down on feminine strengths and considers herself above them” is not going to be a good wife and mother. Buck adds: “I have no idea why Inez concludes that many men want to romance, marry and have a lifetime of sex with their buddies. Really? Their buddies?”

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