Gaza, an open air concentration camp

Tiberge of Galliawatch writes:

For your edification, here are some photos of the Gaza “concentration camp,” that we heard so much about during the conflict. Though they may not be typical of Gaza, they say a lot about the cruelty of Israel towards the defenseless Palestinians.

Since they contain graphic material, you may find them unbearable, or, as the French say, insoutenables.

Original Arabic source.

LA replies:

The veil has been lifted from my eyes. How the sight blasts my conscience! Truly, for committing such diabolical cruelties against the Palestinians, the Israelis are monsters in human form. Ecrasez l’infame!

Gaza, un camp de concentration a ciel ouvert

Gintas writes:

There are a couple of clear cases of waterboarding!

- end of initial entry -

Stephen T. writes:

(to the tune of “Surfin’ USA”)

But it’s true: I used to surf with a Palestinian guy here in CA. I assumed he’d picked up the sport after he came over here but not so—he had a label on his surfboard in Arabic to prove it. Apparently the burkas detract somewhat from the allure of the wahines over there, However, as I recall him telling me fervently that his biggest goal in life was to marry an “Asian surfer girl.” I think there’s yet another song title in that.

Paul K. writes:

Does it offer time-shares?

Tiberge writes:

Possibly this is Israel’s own version of Chinese water torture?

Time-shares are offered at a substantial discount if you agree to become a suicide bomber.

June 20

Larry G. writes:

Clearly the Israeli plan is to drive the Gazans into the sea!

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