Drudge, the anti Times

Though mainstream conservative opinion-makers seem insensible of the fact, the New York Times regularly publishes photographs that convey subtly subversive, nihilistic, and anti-conservative messages. Matt Drudge, with his sly juxtapositions of unrelated headlines and photos that send subliminal messages about liberals, seems to be beating the Times at its own game.

Tex Atlanta writes (September 17):

Can Drudge be really that mischievous? Look at this item at his site today:

2 accused of grim, real-life
‘Weekend at Bernie’s’


Then there’s the item about the attack by blacks on four white men in Denver. Right below it is a picture of Obama and a story about consumers’ “hope” skidding:

Pack Of Violent Black, Hispanic
Teens Attack 4 White Men
Outside Denver Mall…



LA replies:

Readers may wonder, what is the connection between the story of the black gang attack and the story about people losing hope in Obama? As I suggested the other week, the continual violent outbreaks by black wilding mobs across the country could be seen as the external equivalent—the objective correlative—of the breakdown of the Obama presidency.

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