“What is it, Negro, that the white man still owes you?”

Buck writes:

You have to take ten minutes to listen to Mike, an angry black man, who hammers the “Afro-American Negro.” He repeatedly asks the question: “What is it, Negro, that the white man still owes you?”

The video ends abruptly, but I don’t see a part 2.

Buck has prepared a transcript of the video:

No one who completely understands the current position of the Afro-American Negro (AAN) can deny the fact that in 2012 he has become a professional victim. Thanks mainly to the preaching of victimization that has been pounded into the sub-conscious of the AAN by paternalistic white liberals; charlatans, crooks and thieves left over from the civil rights movement; and a conclave of ignorant and buffoonish clergy who upon every waking moment convinces the American Negro that everything dysfunctional that takes place in black America can be folded neatly and tucked away and placed at the doorstep of the ongoing legacy of slavery. When you have a conversation with an AA and you ask them: what is it that the white man owes you after everything that he has already given you? What is it that you feel that you are lacking. What stone has the American white man left unturned, that you feel needs to be uprooted, that will balance the scales from the ongoing demonic legacy of slavery?

The Negroes, most of them, have no answer. Because in hindsight, if you review the history and you understand what it is that the American white man gave the Negro, the fact that 80 percent of black people hold dear to the Bible, Christianity, can be placed at the door step of slavery. When the African slaves were brought here, they didn’t speak English, they couldn’t read the Bible, they weren’t allowed to be Christians. It was only after the slave master realized (that) allowing the slaves to embrace Christianity in fact made better slaves of them, that large numbers of Negro slaves embraced this religion.

The fact that many of your historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs) were in fact founded and financed by ex-slave owners, who took some of their wealth and placed it towards some of the black colleges and universities.

When you review the civil rights bills, the amendments to the Constitution, when you review affirmative action policies, government set-asides, outlawing discrimination in the work force, in education, in housing. And the fact that today, in 2012, you Negroes can now eat rib tips and lobster that you purchased with your monthly allotment of food stamps. The remaining balance you will now go sell to some Lebanese or Arab owned store that dots your community, gaining a few extra dollars that you will put towards your monthly payment for your SUV sitting on forty-inch chrome rims, that by the way, you have parked outside of your government subsidized house or apartment.

(you need to hear the next line: 4:19)

So, upon further review, Negro; what is it that this white man owes you? After all that he has given you? And, everything that white man has given you, Negro, you have still failed to position yourself into the mainstream of American culture. Ethnic groups that just got here yesterday are leap-frogging you. They’re leaving you behind because you stand twiddling your thumbs with your hands out expecting a government hand-out.

What does the white man owe you, Negro?

When you take into consideration that if he won’t hire you, then why don’t you take it upon yourself to be an entrepreneur and create wealth for you and your own people? Everybody else does it! Why is it that you must expect a hand-out at every turn?

Negro, you have 850 billion dollars, and these are conservative numbers, that flows through your community, that equals the GNP of some countries in Europe. This money that you spend on cognac, liquor, bourbon, weed, spinning rims, strippers, and of course you pay a few pastors’ salaries. But you have done absolutely nothing with this wealth. But yet you consider and claim that you are poor and that you need a hand-out and because of slavery you can’t make it.


Negro, you never picked any cotton! You never felt the lash or the sting of the lash.

Negro, today in 2012 the black race has more college educated citizens then we’ve ever had in our sojourn in the nation. With all of your black colleges and universities, with all of your black college graduates. With all of your black entertainers and athletes. With all of this wealth flowing through your community, Negro, you still stand twiddling your thumbs, expecting a handout. And the only reason why you do this is because you are a professional victim. And you have embraced a doctrine of victimization that has been preached to you by hypocritical white liberals who want to keep you on the Democratic slave plantation; preached to you by crooks from the civil rights movement, men like Jesse Jackson and Al Charlatan and a conclave of ignorant buffoonish Negro pastors who don’t even begin to understand the history of the Bible that they stand up and try to preach on Sunday morning.

This is the condition of the American negro.


So, in light of all these facts—what is it that the white man owes you? He’s given you his daughter … well, he hasn’t really given you his daughter, but he’s not lynching you for dating his daughter. There’s no lynch mob looking to accost you because you walk down one of the local malls holding the hand of Becky.

They’re not looking to lynch you, Negro, because you’re producing half-breed babies with white women.


So, what is it that this white man … what stone has he left unturned for you, coon? What has he not given you, that today, in 2012, that if he only gave me that—the scales would be balanced?

And, before you answer that question, Negro, keep in mind that 850 billion dollars flows through the black community annually. You spend $250 on a pair of Air-Jordan sneakers, you got all this bling-bling around your neck, riding around in the latest SUVs. All of this wealth, but somehow you figure that he owes me something else. What is it that he owes you, Negro?!

And then, what really puts this whole doctrine of victimization, is that not only were you not a slave, Negro, but these white people that you’re expecting to pay you for slavery, never owned any slaves. This is most baffling to me. But this only goes to show you the thinking of the AAN in 2012 and how he refuses to do for himself what other cultures have done for their selves.

The people who came through Ellis Island came here with the clothes on their back and they rolled up their sleaves and they got busy. And they tried to create a future for themselves and their children, not expecting a government hand-out, not looking for the government to pave their way. But you, Negro, with all of your bling-bling in 2012, you still sit [video suddenly ends]

Buck writes:

Here Mike says that it’s in the black DNA, that there is something biologically wrong with this race of people. At 6:00 he addresses Trayvon Martin, a completely and utterly dysfunctional black man in a hoodie.

- end of initial entry -

Patrick H. writes:

I misread the sentence as “What is it, Negro, that the white man owns you?” I read it as being of the form “What are we to make of the fact that X is true, and X is really very strange?” Modern variant: “Wow, how in h*ll did that happen?

My misreading is also a question that needs to be asked, I think. After all, given the abject dependence of American blacks on whites, it is the case that whites in effect own blacks. So the question “What is it, that this is so?” needs to be asked too, and not just of Negroes. Underneath the guilt-industrial complex, this is the question that must be kept from the consciousness of whites: What would happen if whites were to withdraw completely from blacks? What if whites were to “free blacks” by sending them on their way? By abandoning them to their fate? The answer is terrible, horrifying: blacks would die by the millions. Whites would be virtually unaffected. Indeed, we would prosper. Blacks need whites to live. Whites do not need blacks at all.

Think about it. If whites withdrew completely from blacks (not just transfer payments, but electricity and water, food and medicine), how long would it take for most blacks to die? A month? Two?

Paul Kersey asked “What do whites owe blacks?” And he answered, “Nothing.” He’s not wrong. But the corollary of that truth is, “What do blacks owe whites?” And I answer, “Everything. Life itself.”

I understand why blacks might be unable or unwilling to face that truth. Self-respect would require denial of such a devastating reality. But why do whites not see this? Why can’t we face the truth about blacks and us? The reality is that American blacks are the most dependent, helpless people on earth. (African blacks are far more self-reliant.) American blacks used to be able to look after themselves, at least somewhat. Not any more.

I think that is the ultimate and depressing reason that whites cannot accept the truth about American blacks. American blacks are the most helpless people on earth. And they will never change. The American black will be a burden to whites forever. That is a thought too awful to be borne, let alone spoken out loud.

Bringing blacks to America for cheap labour (the cheapest, at least in the short run) was the single most disastrous decision Americans ever made. Of course, bringing millions of third-world immigrants to America today for the same short-sighted reason is going to give that earlier catastrophic blunder a run for its money.

I’m sorry to sound so despairing. But I see no other future for whites and blacks. Whites will have to look after blacks, forever. Do you see any other possibility?

Finally, a rhetorical question: How can I admire whites, my people, so much for our accomplishments, and yet despair of whites, my people, as the worst fools the world has ever known?

Paul K. writes:

In Patrick H.’s excellent comment, he writes, “I understand why blacks might be unable or unwilling to face that truth. Self-respect would require denial of such a devastating reality.”

This reminded me of something I heard Thomas Sowell once say. Addressing a group of students at a top black college, he told them that affirmative action could not go on, that it had to end eventually, and that blacks would simply have to compete with whites on an equal footing. To his shock, the thought of this alarming possibility upset a number of the students so much that they began weeping. It was as if he had knocked the props out from under them.

LA replies:

But I don’t think that blacks by and large should have to compete with whites on an equal footing. That is cruel to the blacks, not to mention destructive and disruptive to the whites. Which is why I believe in educational segregation. Blacks need their own primary, secondary, and college-level schools that are geared for their ability levels, learning styles, and modes of behavior.

Integrationists, whether of the left-liberal or right-liberal (i.e. conservative) variety, understand none of this. Their refusal to recognize significant human differences, their insistence that all groups, no matter how profound their intellectual and other differences, must be placed in the same institutions, same schools, same classrooms, same residential neighborhoods, is harmful, destructive, and inhuman to all groups. Liberalism is the cruelest ideology.

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