Debate at Mangan’s: “Auster on Christianity and Open Borders”

On October 14 I noticed that Dennis Mangan, with whom I had once had a friendly and mutually respectful electronic relationship, had launched yet another lowdown smear of yours truly, in which he takes a thoughtful, sincere position of mine and reduces it to caricature in order to discredit me:

[Auster] simply reads out of the ranks of conservatism anyone who disagrees with him on fundamental points…. His entire response to Gilbert B. is an exercise in bad faith.


When I saw the above, I stopped reading. I didn’t look at the entry again until last night, when I found out that it had turned into a long and exciting discussion, consisting not just of Darwinian atheists displaying their bigotry against (and sometimes their innocent ignorance of) Christianity, but of traditionalist Christians, capably and energetically explaining the traditionalist side.

Posted by Lawrence Auster at October 19, 2009 09:04 AM | Send

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