Mercer on the undoing of civilized white societies by racial lies

Ilana Mercer sends this e-mail:

In time for the release of my new book, “Into the Cannibal’s Pot: Lessons For America From Post-Apartheid South Africa,” this week’s WND column explains what the book is about and why it is an important read at this juncture in our history. Here’s an excerpt from “Don’t Believe Michelle Obama:

Michelle Obama will travel to South Africa later this month. The First Lady’s trip coincides with the release of my new book,‘Into the Cannibal’s Pot: Lessons For America From Post-Apartheid South Africa.’ And not a moment too soon. (Read the Preface on VDARE.COM.) ‘Into The Cannibal’s Pot’s’ will dispel any myths Michelle Obama is likely to help perpetuate about this writer’s former homeland.

So why is this book so very crucial at this juncture in our history? Simply this: It is essential that we curb the na├»ve enthusiasm among American elites, and those they’ve gulled, for radical, imposed, top-down transformations of relatively stable, if imperfect, societies, including their own. As the example of South Africa demonstrates, a highly developed Western society can be dismantled with relative ease. In South Africa, this deconstruction has come about in the wake of an almost overnight shift in the majority/minority power structure. In the U.S., a slower, more incremental, but equally detrimental, transformation is underway …

America’s intellectual ‘Idiocracy’—the president and the“Untamed Ids of the media, liberal, libertarian, and conservative—are egging on revolution in the Middle East. Post-apartheid South Africa should serve to remind this retinue of romantics that stable societies, however imperfect, are fragile. They can, and will, crumble in culturally inhospitable climes. For better or for worse, societies are built slowly from the soil up, not from the sky down. And by people, not by political decree …

The complete column is “Don’t Believe Michelle Obama.” The Preface to “Into the Cannibal’s Pot” can be read exclusively on VDARE.COM.

“Into the Cannibal’s Pot: Lessons For America From Post-Apartheid South Africa is availabe from Amazon and from the Publisher (who is shipping free) by clicking on the “Buy” Button of your choice.

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