Why I will tune out the official 9/11 commemorations

The September 11th attack on America, in which devout Muslim believers carried out the greatest single jihad raid in history, and Muslims around the world cheered and danced in joy over this great blow to the infidel, should have awakened America and the West to the nature of the 1,400 year old warrior religion of Islam. Instead, while triggering a “war against terrorism,” the 9/11 attack inspired liberal America to embrace and approve of Islam much more than it had done before, even as Americans allowed themselves to be placed under permanent and humiliating security measures out of the liberal imperative to avoid the slightest hint of discrimination against Muslims.

These unexpected and devastating outcomes of 9/11 are perhaps the greatest single illustration of Auster’s First Law, which says that the more alien or dangerous a nonwhite or non-Western group reveals itself to be, the more our liberal society approves of it, accommodates itself to it, and forbids any criticism of it. To speak the truth about the unchangeable Islamic command to wage eternal war by violence and stealth against non-Muslims and about Muslims’ 1,400 year long obedience to that command, is to place oneself outside the respectable mainstream. In America you don’t get put in jail for speaking the forbidden truth, you just lose your job and career. This is the reign of fear under which we live.

In sum, the result of 9/11 has not been Western self-defense against Islam, but the prohibition of Western self-defense against Islam. And all the official 9/11 commemorations, notwithstanding their patriotic appearance, will carry that message of American and Western surrender. And that is why they should be avoided.

However, there will be some 9/11 anniversary events that deal seriously with the Islam threat, and they will be worth attending. For example, Sam Solomon, a knowledgeable critic of Islam, particularly of the Islamic doctrine of subversion of a non-Muslim society via Muslim immigration (see this, this, and this), will be speaking in New York City on September 11, though I don’t yet know the location.

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Another, perhaps more obvious, reason to avoid the 9/11 ceremonies and TV programs is that they will be centered in the cult of victimhood, which includes the cult of the victims’ families, as though the whole event revolves around them.

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September 10

JJ writes:

Stating that your comments are dead on accurate is not enough. Your post conveys a line of thought that one would expect to readily find available in a free and open society. Available in the sense that this is an educated, fact-based point of view and should at least be presented to a wider audience so it can be thought about and considered further. Let’s just say your line of thought is completely unavailable.

The attacks “should have awakened America,” as you noted, but the masses were repeatedly informed about the coming together of Americans on and in the wake of that day. To this day we continue to be told of what a shining moment it was for us and how we were able to deal with that type of adversity with such compassion. How we pushed aside politics and united as one during trying times. It came as no surprise that the thought police (the media) would push this agenda. To speak about topics of substance in the aftermath would defy Auster’s First Law. The force feeding of goodwill toward thy neighbor immediately following an act of war against our own country was a clear promotion of the First Law.

The media and academia are the two most dangerous entities in America today. What puts them at the top of the list is their ability to influence and indoctrinate. If schools and media outlets presented a balanced set of ideas to the public, things would be very different right now. Not everyone might want to believe this, but the average American finds it acceptable to be told what to think. The left knew this. They understood that Joe Schmoe does not have the time to think on his own or do research. Joe Schmoe has enough problems earning a paycheck and feeding his family. The left’s takeover of both the media and academia is their greatest success and as it turns out was a brilliant strategy. They are victorious until further notice. Your fantastic ideas are considered hateful and embarrassing. You reach a smattering of like minded people. Their ideas reach all of America and strongly influence people’s political beliefs.

The ideas of the left, when put into practice, will no doubt self-destruct, but by then it will be far too late. I don’t have the solution to make comments like yours available to the public or to expose the enemy within for what it really is. But I do believe it is possible with the right degree of focus and determination. Our goal should be to disrupt the left’s command of both institutions. It is the only way to eventually change the course this country is on and to expedite those important changes.

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