A glimpse of the dream-mind

On the morning after the vice presidential debate, I was lying half-asleep and the following words drifted through my mind:

“Biden distorted Ryan’s name to use against him.”

Now, I caught and remembered this dream-thought because I was not fully asleep, but only half asleep, and I saw the dream-thought as it occurred. The thought in my conscious mind would have been, of course, something like, “Biden with all his smirking and laughing was insulting Ryan.” But the dream-mind turned that real thought into this odd, dreamy, unreal yet somehow meaningful formulation, “Biden distorted Ryan’s name to use against him.”

This is a glimpse of how the dream-mind operates. By some process of its own, unconstrained by normal logic, it transmutes experiences and thoughts into other experiences and thoughts, putting them into different forms, in a way that the conscious mind would never do and can only partially understand. By this process it creates, not just short phrases, but epic adventures, new worlds, populated by real and imaginary people, with constantly shifting settings, scenes, and plot-lines.

Posted by Lawrence Auster at October 14, 2012 12:28 AM | Send

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