Letter to Barbara Grutter

Here is an e-mail I wrote to Barbara Grutter, the defeated plaintiff in Grutter v. Bollinger:

Dear Miss Grutter:

I’m pleased to have a chance to write to you and tell you how much I admire you for taking that fight to the Supreme Court. So few people are willing to take a stand.

Unfortunately, our side lost, and now your name is associated forever with this disastrous Supreme Court decision. But you are like Dred Scott, a plaintiff with a righteous cause who was turned down by an unrighteous Supreme Court.

I like your article at NRO very much. The cowardly quality you describe in the head of the Michigan GOP is exactly what is wrong with the Republicans and the establishment conservatives. One would have thought there would be mass outrage and protest by conservatives at the decision, but in fact the response has been very weak. The reason is that most “conservatives” today do not have principles different from those of liberalism. So when push comes to shove, they surrender. But that cannot be allowed to happen. You are exactly right that nothing less is at stake than our identity as a people. If we now become a country officially based on this race preference system, it will be hard for people to say, America, the land of individual rights.

With best regards,
Lawrence Auster

Posted by Lawrence Auster at August 19, 2003 01:11 PM | Send


Mr. Bush’s poll numbers continue to sink. Newsweek’s latest poll show that by 49-44% the respondents are against Bush’s reelection. The main point is that Mr. Bush’s euphoric praise of the Grutter decision doesn’t help him politically. After his Africa speech, which Cal Thomas loved, a poll showed that over 90% of American blacks would still vote for ANY Democrat over Bush.

Has Our President ever pandered to those who voted for him in 2000? He is STILL seeking amnest for illegal aliens. I have predicted he will continue going left right through 2004.

Posted by: David on August 24, 2003 3:30 PM

“I have predicted [Pres. Bush] will continue going left right through 2004.”

I fear David is right. This situation is absolutely mind-boggling. Nothing seems to get through to these people — Bush or the people around him.

Posted by: Unadorned on August 24, 2003 5:28 PM
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