Liberal humanists, the modern worshippers of Moloch

Tiberge, the intrepid author of Galliawatch, reports a savage attack on a white boy that took place August 19 in the city of Dijon in eastern central France. She translates the French press accounts of the incident, in which non-Europeans, saying they wanted to get a “blanc,” a white, singled out the 15 year old French boy for a brutal beating, including chasing the victim, knocking him to the ground, and kicking him in the head; of local officials’ failure to say anything against the attack; and, finally, of the reaction of the victim’s father:

The victim’s father, a business executive, was devastated. “This violence is unbearable. I strive to instill values in my children. Racist words are not allowed at home. In our house, black, white, North African, what does it matter, it’s the person who is important and I am for openness to other cultures. My son’s two friends are proof.”

And then, this father wondered: “With an increase in such senseless attacks, how can we not fear the rise of the extreme right? How will the victims and their families be able to resist the siren call of the Front National?”

He became indignant: “These.. cowards, have just tarnished the image of the Maghrebin community that does not deserve this. But why don’t they intervene? Why don’t they do what has to be done to bring law and order?

Tiberge comments:

As his son lies suffering in the hospital, the father is only afraid of the “extreme right,” not of the gangs and the hordes, not of the immigrants and the crime they bring, not of the anti-racist zealots (like himself) who have placed the lives of innocent Frenchmen, including women, pregnant women, children, merchants, elderly people, and all the others, in danger….

The father is furious at the thugs, not just because they harmed his son, but because they destroyed the beautiful image of the North African community! They rained on his ideological parade. And he calls them “cowards,” a standard euphemism among cowardly liberals, to avoid calling them “violent” or “evil” or “sadistic.” And to avoid confronting the obvious—that these people should never have been allowed in France.

We can only hope that some day the son will fully realize what happened to him and how pitifully deluded his parents were to put him in harm’s way, proudly imagining themselves to be in the avant-garde of moral progress.

Moloch is, of course, the ancient Canaanite god of child sacrifice.

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