Who, according to the ruling American belief system, is the enemy?

In the recent entry on “Why Westerners cannot allow themselves to acknowledge the self-evident truth of the Islam threat,” Mark P. writes:

Your commenter wrote in 2007:

“Because of the legacy of the Holocaust, almost all Westerners have internalized the norm that it is evil to hold enmity toward an entire organic identity group (i.e. one composed of not just potentially violent adult males but also of women, children, the elderly, etc.) and that doing so makes one a potential accomplice to genocide.”

This is strange. I thought the Holocaust was wrong because the Jews were not a threat.

To which I replied:

But under liberalism no groupthat is, no minority or non-Western or nonwhite group—can be a threat to society or be legitimately thought of as a threat to society. According to liberals, the only threat to society are those members of the majority group who think that some minority group can be a threat to society.

And this attitude has not just arisen recently in response to Islam critics, with the government seeing “right-wing extremists” of presenting a greater threat to America than Muslim terrorists. I wrote in 2004:

In the cover article of the November 1999 issue of Commentary, entitled “California and the End of White America,” Ron Unz predicted that if the current non-European immigrants fail to assimilate, the danger will not be an uprising of unassimilated immigrant cultures, but an eruption of white nationalism. “[W]e face the very real threat of future movements along the lines of Proposition 187, each worse than the last, and on a national scale,” Unz wrote. “There are few forces that could so easily break America as the coming of white nationalism.” [Emphasis added.]

To Unz and Commentary, a non-assimilating wave of Hispanic immigration does not pose a threat to America, but any move by America’s white majority to do something about that immigration, poses the greatest threat to America.

The view that America’s majority represents the real problem is shared by leftists and many mainstream/neo conservatives.

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