Protesting conservatives’ abandonment of the family

Laura W. has sent this letter to the editor of American Thinker:
As a conservative woman, I am writing to express my dismay over American Thinker’s unabashed celebration of John McCain’s choice of Sarah Palin for vice president. Though it may be a brilliant strategic move, this choice represents a new low point for conservatism in America. Conservatism once cherished the family and protected it. Now it shamelessly abandons our most important civic institution by embracing the cornerstone of feminism: the idea that motherhood is just a beautiful hobby.

There are many thoughtful and articulate writers at American Thinker. On this issue, they’re just Republicans, not conservatives. They’ve lost all authority to complain about the disastrous social consequences of family ruin.

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LA writes:

Excellent. We should writing more such letters to these pro-Palin “conservatives” expressing our dismay.

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