Muslims who tortured and murdered Jew will remain in prison

Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit writes:

French Court Upholds Convictions for 16 in Brutal Torture & Murder of Ilan Halimi

Ilan Halimi thought he was going out on a date.

Ilan was lured to his death by a woman he had met in his telephone store. They met up late on the night of January 20, 2006, in one of Paris’s southern suburbs, Bagneux. She was what is called a “honey pot.” She lured Ilan from his home and into the hands of a group of local radical Islamists called “The Barbarians.” They targeted him because he was a Jew. The Barbarians had connections with Hamas. They kept him naked and tied up for weeks. They tortured him and invited their friends and family over to torture him. They cut him and burned him with cigarettes and in the end stabbed him in the neck, poured flammable liquid on him, set him on fire, and pushed him from a train.

Ilan Halimi died that day.

In May 2009, two years after his murder, Choc Magazine published a new photo of Ilan. [cont.]

Of the 16 defendants, the ringleader has gotten life, two others have gotten 18 years, and the rest got sentences ranging between seven months and 15 years. About which, Hoft remarks: “They can’t hold these animals long enough.” This widely read conservative blogger doesn’t think that for kidnapping, torturing for weeks, then killing a man, the perpetrators deserve the death penalty. I guess he’s against the death penalty.

Come to think of it, look at the masthead of Gateway Pundit. It’s an evocation of messy populism, containing nothing that one would remotely associate with the word conservative. I think the figure on the left raising his arms is Sylvester Stallone as Rocky, and on the right there is the hackneyed image of an Iraqi woman holding up a purple finger, showing that she’s just voted. So Hoft still sees the democratization of that Muslim country as a great good and as the “solution” to jihadism. Has he noticed what’s happened to the Christians of “democratized” Iraq?

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Charles T. writes:

I read about this yesterday. In my opinion, these people are not animals. No, they are pure evil. This is demonic evil in its purest form. The existence of pure spiritual, demonic evil that eventually lodges in the human heart is the only explanation that suffices for this type of behavior. There can be no reconcilliation between the West and a religion that inspires its people to such evil.

I have been reading material about the massacres of the Armenians in Turkey at the close of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century. The magnitude of cruelty by the Islamic Turks agains the Christian Armenians is staggering, numbing; I simultaneously found anger and grief welling up inside me over the suffering of our fellow Christians in Turkey.

An excellent website on this subject is located here. It is the website of the Armenian National Institute. From 1915 to 1923 the Armenian culture was virtually wiped out by Islamic Turkey. This was genocide. This is reminiscient of the way the Islamics swept Christianity from Asia Minor and North Africa during the early years of their conquests. Islam is bent on wiping out non-Muslims as individuals, such as in the case of this young Jewish man, or as cultures en masse, such as the Armenians. There is no reconcilliation with this religion.

The West must learn this lesson, and soon.

LA replies:

I’m glad you mentioned that about calling them animals. “Animals” is what low-level talk radio callers call violent criminals. It’s not a term worthy of being used in print. And it’s so stupidly inappropriate. Do animals plot the capture of an enemy and then torture him for weeks before murdering him?

James M. from upstate New York writes:

You wrote:

“I think the figure on the left raising his arms is Sylvester Stallone as Rocky … “

Those are not the arms of a pugilist. I’d be willing to bet it’s from the student demonstrations following the last election in Iran. Look closely and you’ll see that his raised arms are holding a bloody t-shirt. At chest level someone is holding a picture of a woman in a head covering, the woman who was killed in the clashes early on and became a rallying point. I think that was called the Green Revolution, where Twitter would lead the way in creating another glorious democratic Muslim state. Another one of those dramatic episodes that simply fizzled out..

May your health and readership increase in the coming year.

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