Edward Kennedy’s America

Tim W. writes:

Maybe the world needs a response to Kennedy’s infamous depiction of Robert Bork’s America. But unlike Kennedy’s lies, it should be factual:

Edward Kennedy’s America is a land in which thousands of citizens are murdered, robbed, and raped each year by hoodlums permitted to squat illegally in our nation, a land in which a U.S. Senator can secretly work with a hostile foreign dictator to undermine his own nation’s security, a land where the most qualified applicants for jobs and college admissions can be denied because they aren’t of the proper race or gender, a land where a rich and powerful man can evade punishment for irresponsibly causing the death of a young woman, and, finally, a land where that same man can amass a media following by sneering at Catholic teachings on abortion and homosexuality, and then request and receive a positive sendoff from the Catholic Church as a believer in good standing.

Posted by Lawrence Auster at August 29, 2009 02:13 PM | Send

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