Sotomayor at Princeton, Hispanic diversity activist

A reader sends items recently reprinted at The Daily Princetonian from the 1970s by or about Sonia Sotomayor:

April 22, 1974:

Accion Puertorriquena [with Sotomayor as co-chairman]] and the Chicano Organization of Princeton have filed a complaint with the New York office of the Department of Health, Education and Welfare (HEW), charging the university with a “lack of commitment” in hiring Puerto Rican and Chicano administrators and faculty and recruiting students from these minority groups.

May 10, 1974:

Letter to editor by Sotomayor complaining of lack of Hispanic faculty and students at Princeton

Sept. 12, 1974:

Letter from committee of minority students including Sotomayor complaining about selection process for minority dean

March 1, 1976:

On the day that Sonia M. Sotomayor ‘76 became the first Latino student ever to win the Pyne Prize, several Chicano alumni returned to Princeton and found it more attuned to Chicano problems than it had been when they were students.

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Stephen T. writes:

Sotomayor is not, as she felt the need to boast with typical over-compensation, “a wise Latina.” She is the classic “angry Hispanic” with a one-ton chip on her shoulder and a long-simmering inferiority complex against Europeans. What Anglos are learning about Hispanics the hard way is that having a border with them is NOT the same as having it with an equal number of Pacific Islanders, Norwegians, or Ethiopians. When these ethnic groups come into contact with the American “we’re all immigrants—we have no culture—we’re from everywhere so we’re from nowhere” mindset, they feel welcomed by it and even grateful to adopt it. Hispanics feel hotly scornful of it. No Mestizo Mexican would stand up and declare his country a nation of immigrants—it’s practically a slur in their world. Just as the sight of a feeble or wounded antelope activates a certain instinct in a wolf, so does the exposure to cowed, impotent Anglos with a flaccid sense of culture and a lapsed territorial instinct bring out the ancient Hispanic impulse to braggadocio and bravado, the out-thrust pectoral muscles, the haughty, scowling strut. Sotomayor has it written all over her,

LA replies:

Her activities and statements at Princeton make it clear that from the moment she arrived there, obviously on an affirmative action basis, she began agitating for proportional representation of Hispanics at Princeton based on their percentage in the U.S. population. This dame has been a racial socialist from the get-go.

I wonder if David Horowitz and Peggy Noonan have gotten over their bliss at Obama’s inauguration and the new racial unity they felt it signified. Or are they so far gone in their liberalism that they don’t even know where they are any more?

LA continues:

Also, has anyone noticed how much less white and more Hispanic Sotomayor looks than her mother, who looks basically white? Strangely, with her Mongolian, slit-like eyes and the whole cast of her features, Sotomayor doesn’t even look like a Puerto Rican. She looks like your typical symbolic Hispanic on a leftist wall mural in Los Angeles representing the Bronze People.

Also, did anyone notice her inappropriate attire, a tank top underneath a jacket, at the announcement of her nomination? She was dressed like a secretary in an office.

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