The left’s greatest victory

This week the ban on homosexuals in the military officially ended. Along with the passage of Obamacare, it is the greatest single victory that the left has had in this country. As discussed at length at this site last December and January, it happened with the limp-wristed acquiescence of much of the “conservative” movement.

Almost every Republican presidential candidate has pledged to repeal Obamacare if he is elected. None of them has pledged to repeal the homosexualization of the United States military. It’s barely even a topic of discussion. Mainstream conservatives still fight the left on government spending and related issues. But on the cultural and moral issues, mainstream conservatism is dead.

UPDATE, 10:53 p.m.: Former Sen. Santorum said in the debate tonight that as president he would restore the law barring open expression of homosexuality in the military which Congress repealed last December. However, Santorum, along with everyone else in the country, didn’t get it quite right. The previous law, as I myself did not learn until it was repealed last December, did not just bar “open” homosexuality in the military; it barred homosexuality, period. To understand this key, unknown fact, go to VFR’s collection on the subject and read the fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh linked entries.

* * *

Exemplifying the deadness, George Neumayer at The American Spectator refers to the homosexualization of the military as a “fad.” This perfectly echoes the empty-headed Emmet Tyrrell’s theme at TAC throughout the ’90s, that feminism was something risible and ridiculous. Meanwhile, this risible and ridiculous feminism kept taking over America.

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