Are Hollywood actresses reading VFR?

Headline in the New York Post:

Once the norm in Hollywood, fake breasts are now out of style

Gintas writes:

Will there be a robust “used boob” market on eBay?

April 21

N. writes:

There are fashions in every human endeavor. It may not always be obvious that a fashion, or craze, or fad, is temporary. In the case of actors and actresses, fads are naturally going to be obvious. Once a fad has run its course—whether hula hoop, or pet rock, or beanie baby, or talking Elmo toy—those who are early adapters of fads will drop out.

So one part of this change is likely very simple: artificially enhanced breasts have become quite common. Actresses like to be visually different, and when a significant number of middle-class women they encounter have had surgical enhancement, then the novelty is gone. Therefore to have implants is now too common, too ordinary for the actress.

Another possible factor: the ubiquity of pornography, which allegedly often features women with enhanced breasts. While actresses don’t want to be publicly critical of porn (because more than a few of them either got started there, or know people in the business), they also do not want to be associated with porn too much. So if it is true that enhanced, implanted breasts are common in porn (and frankly, I’d rather not know), then that could well be something that stars and starlets do not wish to be too closely associated with.

Whatever the cause, it is a trend to be welcomed, if for no other reason than reducing the trendiness of such surgery among younger women.

PS for Gintas: A quick search on the web reveals that most breast implants are heavy grade plastic pillow-like bags filled with sterile saline solution. I can’t see any significant aftermarket. Although there are surely some sad, bizarre individuals out there who would seek to collect implants from celebrity breasts …

LA replies:

Does anyone know how many breast implants there have been altogether in the U.S.? On one hand, I’ve curious about this. On the other hand, I didn’t want to know, because it was too disturbing to think that so many millions of women have done such an unnatural thing to themselves and that it’s so widespread and accepted. When I see a woman who has done this, it feels like a microcosm of the end of humanity.

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