The diseased leftist brain

Dean Ericson writes:

Regarding yesterday’s entry, “Even if the country thrashes the Democrats, Obama will not take that as a rejection of his program”:

Defeat will not deter hardened leftists, or cause them to reassess their premises. Case in point: Frank Rich in the New York Times under the headline, “What Happened to Change We Can Believe In?”

And what, in Rich’s mad leftist view, happened to his precious, “Change”? The Evil Wall Street Tycoons stole it! Yes, Obama has done everything good, but Evil Wall Street Tycoons are cutting corners on foreclosures, Evil Wall Street Tycoons like Angelo Mozilo are collecting big paychecks, Evil Wall Street Tycoons “destroyed their own companies and plunged the world into crisis” (another “Inside Job”!), the “obscene income inequality,” “unlimited corporate campaign money” from “the banks, energy companies, insurance giants, and other special interests underwriting its own candidates,” and then the evil Kochhhh Brotherssss! and the Supreme Court’s Citizen’s United decision allowing Big Evil Corporations to buy elections. The only thing Obama’s done wrong is not praising himself and touting his many achievements. We need MORE leftist big government!

The leftist brain is entirely predictable. Like some bizarre version of mad-cow disease, Leftist Progressive Dementia (LPD) appears irreversible, once a certain threshold has been passed. As prions propagate mis-folded proteins in mad-cow brains, leftism propagates a sinister pathology that reverses right and wrong, and turns normal people into hollow-eyed zombies of the night, staggering about the world moaning and shrieking, “raaacism!-sexxxxism!-homophoooobia!-eeeevil-corporationsss! … ” mindlessly coming at you like some horrible spongiform nightmare out of “Night of the Living Leftists.” God help us. But who knows, maybe they just have a thyroid condition. We’ll have to trust a cure can be found. Or that God will effect a miracle and deliver us from leftism. “And deliver us from leftism, for Thine is the Power and the Glory, for ever and ever. Amen.”

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James P. writes:

If you lose because you don’t “sell your achievements” with enough energy, and because the masses are stupid and ungrateful, and the election was stolen by shadowy, powerful political enemies, why then there is no need for an agonizing reappraisal of the actual substance of your policies and an intellectually honest examination of their costs, benefits, successes, and failures. No, keep doing what you were doing, but try harder! With more outreach to the rubes, so they know that you know what’s best for them!

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