The secret, locked-in expenditures in Obamacare

By the manner in which they rammed Obamacare through the Congress a year ago this month, it became utterly clear, or should have been utterly clear even to those who had not previously understood it, that the Democratic Party is a criminal party with a criminal mind. But now we find out that Obamacare was even more illicit and dishonest than we thought. As Rep. Michele Bachmann and Rep. Ernest Istook have brought to light, the Democrats hid inside the bill $105 billion in payments to be made over the next nine years. As Paul Nachman writes,

This means it’ll be harder to undo Obamacare, some of the locked-in appropriations will be used to develop things that will be hard to undo, unless those appropriations themselves can be quickly undone by passing countering legislation, which Obama would undoubtedly veto unless it contains something even more crucial to him.

My interpretation, then, is that this makes the lawsuits even more important. The funny thing is, I’m just not seeing this being discussed in print, except for Phyllis Schlafly’s outing here.

Posted by Lawrence Auster at March 15, 2011 04:21 PM | Send

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