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From LA’s Inbox and Sent box, December 17, 2007, ranging from Giuliani’s downward course (oooeeeooooeeee!) to the emergence of Thomas “I hate the world” Fleming as a teacher of morality:

English now minority language in 1,300 schools

Jeff in England sent this from the Daily Mail:

English now minority language in 1,300 schools leaving teachers struggling to cope Rising immigration in Britain now means that there are more than 1,300 schools across the country where children with English as their first language are in the minority.

LA replied:

But don’t you know, as Peter Hitchens has informed us, that immigration is not the problem, but the multicultural policies that PREVENT immigrants from following their heart’s desire, which is to assimilate?

Johnnie declares the obvious

From Reuters via Jihad Watch:

TEHRAN (Reuters)—Iran’s president said on Sunday the publication of a U.S. intelligence report saying Iran had halted a nuclear weapons program in 2003 amounted to a “declaration of surrender” by Washington in its row with Tehran….

He said on Sunday: “It was in fact a declaration of surrender … It was a positive action by the U.S. administration to change their attitude and it was a correct move.”

Giuliani going down?

A reader writes:

It looks like Giuliani is fading fast. The race should be Romney’s to lose, but he can’t seem to get his act together politically.

LA replies:

Facts to back up these interesting statements!

Reader replies:

Look at the RasmusenReports.com and the realclearpolitics.com polls for the Giuliani fade.

Look at Romney’s dreadful performance on Meet the Press re: abortion and immigration. Just meandering without anything to say.

John Hagan writes:

Rudy is quietly leaving the stage here in NH. He never caught on, and he’s now in trouble most everywhere.

LA replies:

If, as is being suggested, Rudy is fading, and Mitt is floundering, could Fred’s tortoise strategy (not that it’s conscious on his part, it’s just the way he is) end up being the ultimate political surprise? All the other guys take turns at being the leader, but then they all fall to the wayside in turn, and Fred, ambling along at his own pace, with people hardly noticing him, takes the prize?

The first comment from the blog that the reader links:

In a sign that his campaign in New Hampshire could be flagging, Rudy Giuliani has been significantly scaling back his ad buys in the state. Records show that numerous ad buys in the Boston TV stations have either been cut by more than half, or cancelled entirely. The campaign has kept up its buys in the much cheaper WMUR in Manchester, where Rudy has a strong base of support thanks in part to the mayor’s endorsement—so Rudy might be going trying for a decent second or third through a strong, concentrated showing there.

LA comments:

Ok, Clinton in ‘92 and W. in ‘00 established that you no longer have to win New Hampshire to win the presidency. But can you completely ignore New Hampshire and win the presidency?

New Yorkers on Giuliani and morality

A VFR reader living in New York writes:

Unfortunately in this Daily News poll, 68 to 25 said the private lives of Giuliani and Clinton should not matter. What insensible dopes New Yorkers are.

LA replies:

Yes, but what about New Jersey? At least there are some conservatives in New York. I don’t think there are any in New Jersey. New Jersey is paved with left-liberals who subscribe to the Democratic party no matter how leftist and how corrupt it becomes.

Ron Paul on immigration

Charles G. writes:

Seems pretty straight forward.

Dan R. writes:

Here’s an item you might find amusing, from a Hispanic supporter of Ron Paul, posted at the Lew Rockwell site today. It ought to at least provoke a few doubts in the minds of Paul supporters as to what his immigration stand actually is. The writer notes that Paul supports a plan whereby 60 million new immigrants would be legalized. I’m not familiar with it, nor the time span within which this is supposed to occur, but it’s not comforting. Another reason why I no longer donate to Lew Rockwell.com.—Dan R.

Thomas Fleming, moral instructor of humanity

Jeff in England writes:

Have you read Thomas Fleming’s “The Morality of Everyday Life”? Commented on it? Looks like a great book.

LA replies:

Right, this insane rabid individual—famous for being the angriest, most jaw-droppingly insulting person anyone has ever encountered—is going to tell the world about morality!

Jeff replies:

Ah yes I found your criticism of Fleming on the web.

Having read your informative and useful comments on Fleming I am now turned off by his overview.

LA replies:

I recommend to readers the brief VFR post on Fleming that Jeff links.

Thomas Friedman’s house

How does a New York Times columnist manage to live in a nine million dollar house? Through speaking fees and tv appearance?


On the steroids report and how it vindicates my (sad) tuning out of baseball for the last 15 years.

On the illegal immigration issue, the third string neocons who edit the New York Sun depart planet earth (editorial 12/17/07)

On New Jersey outlawing the death penalty (12/17 NY Sun)

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