The latest racism charge

Paul T. writes:

This is just too good. Commentary reports today that Mitt Romney’s latest campaign slogan has been denounced as racist. The slogan? “Obama Isn’t Working.”

I wouldn’t want to be the journalist who slips up one day and writes, “Obama Shuffles Cabinet.”

LA replies:

And of course the brainless, helpless Republicans reply to each one of these charges of racism by itself, as though it were a one-time event, never identifying the pattern of which these racism charges are a part and denouncing that pattern.

How can people stand being so brainless? How can they stand going through their lives never thinking, never trying to understand things, but just reacting to each thing by itself?

I am the anti-Horace. Many human things are alien to me, including the mindlessness of Republican politicians.

Posted by Lawrence Auster at April 20, 2012 06:38 PM | Send

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