Protesters in Rome desecrate church

Timothy A. writes:

While American protesters must be circumspect in their actions, their Italian comrades (at least those of the “Black Bloc” who frequent the “social centers” protected by left-wing magistrates) show no such restraint, letting their true feelings be known. On Saturday afternoon, one such group desecrated a church in Rome, breaking into the sanctuary, vandalizing the interior, destroying a crucifix, and finally, as shown in the embedded video on the Corriere della Sera website, carrying a statue of the Madonna outside where it is smashed in the street.

The leftist protesters will doubtless distance themselves from such acts, but history has shown that whenever the left is unconstrained (see Paris, St. Petersburg, Barcelona, etc.), it behaves in exactly this manner. Leftist revolt and anti-Christian hatred and violence go hand in hand—it is impossible to separate the two.

Posted by Lawrence Auster at October 18, 2011 11:12 AM | Send

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