More vacancies coming on Court

The administration is preparing for the possibility that both Ruth Bader Ginsburg and John Paul Stevens may soon retire from the U.S. Supreme Court. Too bad for Obama. Instead of conservatives retiring whom he could replace with leftists and thus shift the Court dramatically to the left, the leftists are retiring (previously it was Souter), allowing him only to appoint leftists in their place. After all, who could Obama pick who would be more damaging to the United States than Stevens and Ginsburg? I’ve got it. The top lawyer for Hugo Chavez and the top lawyer for Robert Mugabe could be brought to the United States, naturalized as U.S. citizens in a speeded up process, then named to the Court. That those gentlemen know nothing and care less about the Constitution and laws of the United States is besides the point; does Attorney General Holder? Also, Senate approval should be no problema. A Senate Democratic majority that was willing to pass a blatantly unconstitutional bill nationalizing America’s health care industry, and was willing to contemplate passing it via a reconciliation process that is normally intended only for making changes in budget legislation that has already been passed; a Senate Democratic majority that, moreover, wants to give legal permanent residency to up to 20 million illegal aliens, should have no objection to placing Third-World Communist attorneys on the U.S. Supreme Court. Also, if either Chavez’s lawyer or Mugabe’s lawyer is not available, there’s always the top lawyer for the president of Iran. Finally, if none of those are available, or if the Senate balks at approving them, there is always the ultimate dream duo: Eric Holder and Janet Napolitano. (I’m not kidding: Napolitano was on the short list for the seat that ultimately went to Sonya Sotomayor.)

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Jim C. writes:

Obama’s affirmative action mojo has been seriously damaged by appointing the unintelligent Sotomayor—therefore, he will have to resort to appointing high-IQ lefties like Larry Tribe and Charles Schumer. No way could he risk appointing another lightweight ilke Holder.

But Obama is stupid, so I can always hope. Morons like Nappy and Holder would seal his reputation for the millennium.

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