Another white female—this one a 17 year old high school student—dead at the hands of her black boyfriend

How often have I said that white women and girls put themselves in particular danger when they get into a relationship with a black male, for reasons explained by two black female commenters at a website earlier this year:

Keisha 4/11/11, 10:29:AM

Young white women need to understand that its a black mans dream to date a beautiful white girl. If a white girl gives them a chance and dates them black men feel they are on top of the world. If the white girl trys to leave them then the black man becomes violent and jealous and will surly hurt them.

Shannon 4/11/11, 11:08:AM


And now this, sent by Bill A., from the Cinncinati Enquirer:

Teens dead in apparent murder-suicide
Police: Boy, 18, shot ex-girlfriend on her 17th birthday, then shot himself

Amanda Borsos and Troy Penn

Amanda Borsos, of Salem Township, was shot to death on her 17th birthday by her ex-boyfriend, 18-year-old Troy Penn, police said. Penn later killed himself.

About 4 p.m. Wednesday, Borsos suffered a shotgun wound to her torso while working at Four Paws Pet Care and Kennel in the 8500 block of Landen Drive. She was in an outside, fenced-in area used for dog exercise, the Warren County Sheriff’s Office said.

She died at Bethesda North Hospital.

She would have been a senior at Little Miami High School.

About 5:50 p.m., Penn, who “was described as being upset when Ms. Borsos recently ended their relationship,” apparently turned a gun on himself inside his residence in the 8200 block of Rollinghitch Court, the sheriff’s office said.

“A shotgun, believed to be the murder weapon, was found near his body inside the residence,” the sheriff’s office said.

Penn would have been a senior at Kings High School.

Kings High School will have grief counselors and local clergy available at the school Thursday, said Principal Doug Mader. Penn was well-liked, Mader said.

“The Kings community is grieving for the Borsos and Penn families,” he said.

Grief counselors will be available at Little Miami as well.

Warren County Sheriff’s Chief Deputy John Newsom said family members are devastated, noting it was the girl’s birthday. He called it a tragic situation.

Borsos’ family declined to comment.

People in Penn’s neighborhood yelled at a reporter, telling her to leave Thursday morning.

Warren County Sheriff’s deputies first responded to a report of a girl shot in the stomach at Four Paws.

Then, a SWAT team with an armored vehicle was sent to Rollinghitch Court near Bowline Court, two blocks north of Four Paws. Police radio broadcasts indicated a suspect was inside a residence there, sitting on a couch with a shotgun.

Next came reports of shots fired and a call for an ambulance.

Warren County dispatchers had reported to officers on the scene that “the father of the suspect called police and reported that his son had shot his girlfriend with a shotgun.” Soon after, dispatchers reported that the “subject’s brother is in the house and trying to get the gun away from the suspect.”

No one else was hurt.

Newsom said direct contact was not made with Penn and tries at negotiations went through secondary people. Newsom said the standoff lasted for a short period of time and that a tactical team was just arriving when it ended.

Bystanders gathered at a shopping center at Landen Drive and U.S. 22/Ohio 3 across from Four Paws.

Eric Kinane, 28, lives in a nearby subdivision and was at the shopping center, trying to get home. He was concerned about his girlfriend and her two young children.

He called his girlfriend and told her that, if she made it home, to lock the doors because he didn’t know what was going on.

“Right behind our house is a park and I thought maybe that would be a good spot for somebody to run to and try to hide out at,” he said.

Nancy Shelton, 55, of Landen, said she was impressed how Four Paws’ owner and its staff were handling the situation. She was able to retrieve her white poodle from the kennel.

“They’re getting the dogs out. As they see people come, they recognize the owners,” she said.

[end of article]

Now I left out the first two paragraphs of the article, because they were a distraction from the main story. Here’s the way the article actually begins, with the two lead paragraphs restored:

Friends of a 17-year-old girl killed in an apparent murder-suicide in Warren County on Wednesday have started Facebook pages in her memory.

The pages are entitled RIP Amanda Borsos, R.I.P amanda borsos. not the way to end a life and Amanda Borsos. Neverwill[sic] be forgotton[sic]. R.I.P.

Amanda Borsos, of Salem Township, was shot to death on her 17th birthday by her ex-boyfriend, 18-year-old Troy Penn, police said. Penn later killed himself….

Isn’t that just a perfect expression of white Eloihood? There’s been this murder of a 17 year old high school girl by her boyfriend, but the lead paragraph of the news article is not about the murder, oh no, it’s about the Eloi friends of the victim setting up a Facebook page in her memory, as though that were more important than the murder.

For the white Eloi of the modern West, what matters is not the murderous violence they have liberated and unleashed against themselves (they can’t allow themselves think about that, else they would cease to be Eloi and become, well, you know, Nazis), but their own ritual acts of collective self-consolation in response to the murderous violence they have unleashed against themselves.

For further background on this type of murder, see:

Why has the female sex lost its mind?

Sexual possessiveness (plus angel dust) sets off 28-hour murder spree

- end of initial entry -

August 5

Joseph A. writes:

I was surprised to see the Warren County murder/suicide mentioned on your site; it is always odd to see local news discussed nationally. What I find odd about the story is the location. Warren County, Ohio is white flight land. Thirty years ago, it was farm country, but it has since become white exurbia. There are not many blacks there, and I imagine that Troy Penn was one of the few black kids at his school. From my own experience, black students who are few in number in a sea of whites assimilate and behave according to normal, middle class standards. Once a black “critical mass” develops, the dysfunctional subculture kicks in.

Another article in the paper states that Penn has been in the Kings school district since 2004, which would have been when he was in elementary school. His parents appear to be married (he called both of them after he killed Borsos), and one of his brothers is a Marine. Also, Penn’s sister posted the following on Facebook: “Words can’t describe the pain I feel for your family [the Borsos]. There is no apologizing for what my brother has done. You will always be in my heart and I will never forget the good times we had.” That is not the typical lowlife reaction that one often sees, which is light on apology and heavy on excuses and justification. The Penns appear to be decent folks who live in a nice neighborhood. Across the street from their condo is a park where I played as a child when my family lived down the road for a few years.

As such, I doubt that the relationship represents typical “mud shark” behavior. Penn seems to have been a decent boy, though prone to jealousy. Another article notes that the couple had only been dating a few months. Maybe, just maybe, this was a teen tragedy that is not connected to general “Eloi” cluelessness.

LA replies:

It doesn’t have to be “mud shark” behavior. It doesn’t have to be low-life or racially related. As I’ve said many times, the problem of sexual rejection leading to violence is a universal human phenomenon. However, it’s exacerbated when a white female has a relationship with a black and then drops him.

Also, you write:

“It is always odd to see local news discussed nationally.”

But of course many local stories are reported nationally, just not the Politically Incorrect ones. The latter are kept at the local level and thus remain invisible. Which is one of the means by which the liberal media prevent the populace from learning about certain Politically Incorrect phenomena.

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