Uncontrolled immigration turns natives into criminals

You let your country be invaded by a mass invasion of hostile aliens; the ethnic conflict that inevitably occurs in such circumstances occurs; and then you prosecute your own people for the crime of “inciting racial hatred.”

Ten-year-old Jake Stedman, attending a school in Kent “so riven by racial tension after an influx of Slovakian and other eastern-European children that four police patrol the gates every day,” a school where “our kids are being threatened with having their throats slit,” a school where “gangs of Slovakians [are] going round beating up the local kids,” threw a berry at a Slovakian woman and told her to “go back to your own country.” She then chased him and beat him about the head with a two-foot iron bar leaving him lying in a pool of blood. The woman was arrested and “could” face assault charges. Jake is being investigated for “inciting racial hatred.”

By the way, what does Theodore Dalrymple, who writes many literate essays and now a book on the deteriorated condition of British culture, suggest be done about the uncontrolled immigration from Eastern Europe that Britain has been allowing for the last few years? Zero, zilch, nada. What does columnist Melanie Phillips, who is in a continual hysterical state about the deteriorated condition of British culture, suggest be done about it? Zero, zilch, nada. And what does the British public, many of whom in letters to the editor express great distress about this insane immigration, suggest be done about it? Zero, zilch, nada.

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In 2001, Dalrymple wrote an article for City Journal about British immigration in which he repeatedly (nine times) described his fellow Britons as “xenophobes” (that’s got to be some kind of record). He suggested unrestricted open immigration, combined with the end of the welfare state. Your basic Wall Street Journal position. And part of that position is that, even though there is no prospect of the welfare state being ended, Dalrymple continues to support the existing unrestricted immigration anyway.

In 2006, Dalrymple wrote an article for City Journal, with the subtitle, “The quest for a moderate Islam may be futile,” stating in effect that Islam is the problem, but not suggesting doing anything about Islamic immigration into Britain. In other words, he’s a Usual Suspect.

From a quick search I do not see any reference to any time that Dalyrmple has suggested reducing immigration into Britain. Which puts him in the came category as Melanie Phillips, who, notwithstanding her protestations that she has called for “tight controls” on immigration, has never once published a single word calling for the reduction of immigration into Britain by even one person per year.

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Dimitri K. writes:

I don’t know the details of the incident, but I suspect that the “Slovakian woman” is actually a Gypsy woman. Slovaks have their own problems with Gypsies, and quite naturally Gypsies prefer to go to Western Europe, where they are welcome. From what I know about Gypsies, such behavior as beating children is rather expected of them.

Michael S., who blogs under the name Jean Moulin at the Swedish blog Every Kinda People, writes:

I think your persistence in critizing the likes of Melanie Phillips and Theodore Dalrymple is commendable.

I was infuriated by what I read via VFR about the British little boy facing prosecution for “racism.” It’s just as Alain Finkelkraut has said: anti-racism is the new communism.

” . . I think that the lofty idea of `the war on racism” is gradually turning into a hideously false ideology. And this anti-racism will be for the 21st century what communism was for the 20th century.”

And I was even angrier at the intolerable cynicism of Theodore Dalrymple. Revered as a sort of non-conformist dare-devil breaking taboos all the time, he’s a cynic and deeply immoral at that. By the way, interviewed on Swedish television he called talk of racial differences “nasty.” So I guess in his arrogant eyes you are “nasty.” (The comment is at the end of the interview.)

I think it’s important that immigration restrictionists (i e patriots) stop being friendly with people who shun the word immigration restriction. They are as much traitors as the collaborators during the German occupation of France. They belong to the enemy side.

In this respect I take a harder line than my fellow bloggers on Every Kinda People (one a Swedish lady living in Atlanta, by the way).

P.S. I saw the interview with Dalrymple again and must say he gave a likeable impression. Though his silence on stopping mass immigration is unfathomable.

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