How about 13?

Robert C. from Nashville writes:

I suppose you read about the story last week , of how a boy of thirteen just ascended Mt. Everest. His father insists it is not child abuse. Naturally, the 13 year old thought it was a great adventure.

Makes you wonder what Edmund Hillary would have thought of the idea.

The story mentioned that the 13 year old had three Sherpas helping him.

Recently, a blind man climbed Everest and followed it up with a book, naturally. Must we demonstrate that we can break free of all mortal limits, whether age, sex, blindness, disability…? Perhaps next, an octogenarian? Thirteen year olds racing for the poles?

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Laura Wood writes:

If teenage vitalists like Abby Sunderland and Jordan Romero, the 13 year old who recently ascended Everest and is attempting the Seven Summits, can attempt these great feats and sometimes succeed, then ordinary teenagers can be left to their own devices and pretty much raise themselves. The myth of the precocious child is very powerful.

LA replies:

Great point. If exceptional children are capable of sailing alone around the world or climbing Mt. Everest, then surely ordinary children ought to be capable, at least, of raising themselves. And only wusses who believe in the all-controlling Nanny State would say otherwise.

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