Huge crowds for Obama

From: Brandon F.
Subj: Be afraid

Drudge is showing a picture of 75,000 people (sheep) flocking to see Obama in Portland, Oregon. America is over. So be it.

LA replies

Fear not. Don’t you remember the pro-illegal alien marches in U.S. cities just two years ago? They were the most awesome crowds in the history of the U.S. One photo showed what looked like all of downtown L.A. being filled by this crowd. It seemed to betoken a revolution about to take over the country.

And then the whole phenomenon just vanished.

I’m not saying the Obama phenomenon will just vanish. I think if he is elected we are going to be in something like a revolutionary situation in this country. But a lot of America will not accept the Obama revolution, and will push back.

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Jim V. writes:

It’s often said that liberals speak in coded language because they know that if they spoke openly about their true beliefs and intentions, they would be rejected by a majority of Americans. Which is why it’s so refreshing to hear a liberal, in an unguarded moment, tell us exactly what he believes. The following was posted in a comments thread by “Molly Pitcher after an article by Clarence Page, in which he noted the problem of the high rate of blacks born out of wedlock:

The commenter wrote:

Says Page, “The rise of out-of-wedlock births is one the thorniest issues facing the black community today. But the issue reaches beyond race. Out-of-wedlock births have risen to almost 70 percent in black America, almost half of Hispanic births and more than a fourth of white births. In 1950, the rates for all three were about 10 percent.”

Mightn’t this be a Black repudiation of the “white” nuclear family model? In Africa, this model hardly exists at all except where Christian missionaries have introduced it. The disparity between different racial groups and illigitimacy is largely a cultural one. Does Obama truly believe that removing penalties on married families and better enforcement of child support is going to get men to own up to their responsibilities? I don’t think so. We can’t force Black America to adopt white values like they did in the 1950s.

An Obama presidency would guarantee four years of comments such as the one above, issued as respected analysis in forums such as CNN’s Situation Room, Good Morning America and even by the Obama mouthpiece during presidential briefings.

Every time John McCain gives me another reason not to vote for him, I think of comments like the one above and articles such as this written by Nora Ephron and published on Huffington Post-

Yes, I’ll be voting for McCain. The country might survive four years of Obama, but I wouldn’t.

LA replies:

Page’s article is filled with false and ridiculous excuses for Obama, such as that Wright’s statements were merely “soundbites.” He treats every true negative statement about Obama as though it were a false rumor made up by Obama’s political enemies. This mugging, smiling, “moderate” black, Clarence Page, is an apologist for racist, anti-American blacks.

N. writes:

I urge everyone not to be fooled by these “huge crowds.” For example, Senator Obama attended a rally in Pennsylvania at a crowd estimated by the press to contain 35,000 people—and Obama lost that primary by over 200,000 votes. It is one of the oldest tricks around to inflate the numbers of one’s followers. One can find this used by the Chinese strategist Sun Tzu, by Greek generals, by the ancient Israelites, by Mohammed … the list goes on.

One must read news accounts, and view video, of Senator Obama’s campaign as one would read propaganda from a dictatorship, because probably 90 percent of the press corps is totally in the tank for Obama. Thus camera angles will be chosen to make crowds look as large as possible, numbers of people at an event will always be the largest possible, etc.

Again, do not be confused or disheartened by reports of “huge crowds.” The press reported Walter Mondale was speaking to “ever larger crowds” in the fall of 1984, too.

Steven Warshawsky writes:

Just a quick comment in response to Brandon F.’s email about the large crowd at the Barack Obama campaign rally in Oregon: Why does it surprise and even demoralize some (many?) Republicans and conservatives that, in a country of 300 million people, not everyone believes or acts the way they do? Even in a political “landslide,” the losing candidate usually garners 40 percent or more of the popular vote. Obama will too. This means that there are tens of millions of people who will vote for Obama, and many thousands who will attend campaign rallies on his behalf. Unfathomable to you and me, perhaps, but hardly reason to pull our hair. There are many potential barometers of our country’s decline, but I do not think that this is one of them. Indeed, I predict that John McCain will win this year’s contest, and that Obama will receive a smaller share of the popular vote than either John Kerry (48.3 percent) or Al Gore (48.4 percent) or Bill Clinton (49.2 percent in 1996). Now, if Obama actually wins in November (which I doubt very highly), then of course I will be first in line to declaim the dark meaning of the election results for the American nation …

Josh F. writes:

This photo showing a huge crowd for Obama appears to be doctored. Look at the two distinct shadows of the most noticeable trees. These first one on the right towards the front of the crowd puts the sun almost straight above the crowd slightly right of the tree. The second shadow along the bank of the river puts the sun slightly behind the crowd at a lower position above the horizon. Now notice the total lack of shadow created by the people along the bank of the river. There should be at least a thin black visible line indicating the position of the sun according to either tree shadow. And lastly, notice how blurry the balk of the crowd is in the middle. Something seems fishy about this photo.

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