A debate with and about “conservatives” who are “fine” with homosexual marriage

A reader defends Gov. Perry’s defense of New York’s homosexual “marriage” law, and I reply.

UPDATE, 11:50 p.m.: the discussion on homosexual “marriage,” and on the libertarian “conservatives” who in their utter delusion (or utter bad faith?) would have the country surrender to nationalized homosexual “marriage” in the name of states rights (!!!), continues. Be sure to see Lydia McGrew’s masterful take-down of Gov. Perry, and Tim W.’s decisive and devastating account of his debates with libertarians on this issue.

UPDATE, July 29, 8:48 a.m.: the discussion has continued and even heated up, as I, in the strongest terms, take to task those libertarian / states’ rights conservatives who—even as much of states’ rights lies in ruins and has lain in ruins for the last 50 years, something these conservatives have no plan to do anything about—would, in the name of a bizarre and misdirected devotion to states’ rights, let homosexual marriage conquer America.

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