Liberalism, entitlement to the nth degree, and the Palestinians

Lydia McGrew writes:

I noticed that you wrote this about the silliness of the OWS crowd and their grievance about their “library”:

Yet, as absurd as this seems, it is not absurd, but the logical expression of the Liberal Credo: “We can do whatever we like, and the government has to subsidize us, provide for our needs, and protect us from the consequences of our own behavior.”

The minute I saw this, I was reminded of the Palestinians (especially those in the Gaza strip but also those in Judea and Samaria) and their attitude toward Israel and the West generally: “We can do whatever we like. We can sponsor suicide bombers, send rockets into Israel’s border cities, and murder as many Israeli civilians as possible. Israel may not fight back. Israel also has to keep its border with us open, must not build a wall, has to allow us free movement to go to and from jobs within Israel and to and from olive groves that we claim as ours, and has to keep electricity going to us. The entire world also has to supply our never-ending generations of “refugees” with financial support, because we will not set up a working society of our own. We must always be protected from the consequences of our own behavior.”

And the whole world, run by liberals, really thinks this way about them, too.

LA replies:

And this madness is not going to change in the foreseeable future. Because it is not an extreme mental state from which liberals may return to a normal mental state. This madness is itself the liberal norm. It is what liberals—meaning the entire organized Western world—are.

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