Where we are, nine years after the fiends hurt us

Tim W. writes:

In the weeks following the Islamic terror attacks of 9/11/2001, America seemed more united than it had been in decades. Who would have dreamed that less than a decade later, on the ninth anniversary of the attacks, America would look as it does today?

We have a president named Barack Hussein Obama, who is of Muslim background and never misses an opportunity to speak up in defense of Islam.

We have the World Trade Center site still undeveloped, just sitting there as a reminder of our impotence.

We have an Islamic “community center” about to be erected near Ground Zero, a victory lap for those who hate us. Not only that, but most of the media and political establishment are sneering at those who oppose this provocation as bigots.

A lone wolf pastor announces plans to burn some Korans, and the entire political world lights up in outrage, demanding that he desist and in many cases suggesting extraordinary and unconstitutional means be implemented to stop him. All this in an environment where Christianity and its sacred symbols are routinely mocked and defamed by preening “intellectuals” and celebrities. Not to mention that there isn’t an Islamic nation on earth that respects “diversity.”

The excuse given for stopping the Koran burning is that it would inflame Muslims and cause them to engage in violence, meaning that on the anniversary of 9/11 we’re hostage to Islamic threats to do more of the same.

Our borders remain wide open, and just last week the film “Machete” opened to positive Politically Correct reviews. It depicts whites in the Southwest as murderous rednecks (in one scene they gloatingly gun down a pregnant Mexican woman to keep her baby from earning birthright citizenship). The Mexican illegals righteously respond by coming after the white racists, machetes in hand. One of the trailers for the film boasted that it was a message for the people of Arizona. The film has nothing to do with Islam, obviously, but the liberal principle that we can’t ever exclude the “other” is clear.

“Islamophobia” is now a common word in our public discourse. “Christophobia” has yet to earn official linguistic status.

We’re still fighting wars against “radical” Islam, but are bending over backwards to defend all the rest of Islam, even child rape traditions. Our goal in these wars is to bring all the goodies of the West to the Islamic world, thereby empowering them more in the long run.

President Obama wants NASA to promote science in the Islamic world. I guess he wants Muslims orbiting above us in space as well. Just what the world needs.

Islamic terror attacks continue, though thankfully many are thwarted and we’ve had no more terror attacks comparable to 9/11. But when attacks do succeed, such as at Ft. Hood, our leaders go out of their way to cover up the true nature of the assault, and opine about how losing our “diversity” would be worse than mass murder.

Such is the overwhelming sway of modern liberalism that less than a decade after 9/11/2001, we’re as submissive to Islam as a beta wolf is to an alpha.

Posted by Lawrence Auster at September 11, 2010 12:02 PM | Send

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