Islamic malevolence toward Christianity

Daniel S. writes (April 13):

Raymond Ibrahim chronicles several Muslim attacks on Christian churches in Nigeria, Iraq, Egypt, and elsewhere in the Muslim world, often on Christian holy days. He concludes:

Speaking of hatred, while church attacks are efficient ways to ensure the deaths of maximum numbers of Christians—in that worshippers are tightly gathered in one spot—intentionally targeting churches during the highest Christian holidays, Christmas and Easter, is also a reminder of the malevolency that drives such attacks.

Unaware or indifference to such malevolence, the elites of the West continue to allow the spiritual brothers of those murdering Christians across Africa and the Middle East to colonize America and Western Europe and continue in their traditional habits.

LA replies:

How could Muslims be malevolent? All human beings are naturally benevolent and compassionate. Rousseau, one of the fathers of left-liberalism, taught us that. And our “conservatives” are Rousseauians.

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