Conservatives against Romney

Notwithstanding Mitt Romney’s excellent press this week and the refusal of his Republican opponents to attack him on Romneycare, several conservative groups strongly oppose him for the nomination and are planning major efforts to stop him, as reported at The New Republic.

By the way, have you noticed how TNR has faded as an opinion journal of importance? It used to be at the center of the national debate. Now you hardly hear about it. I don’t even know who its current editor is. I don’t know what its position is on Obamacare, on Afghanistan, on Libya.

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Jim C. writes:

I posted on this about 2 weeks ago on Facebook. Its arts coverage is still good (love Jed Perl), but the political coverage is a joke. I believe its downfall relates more to competition than editorial incompetence.

James R. writes:

I used to subscribe, in the ’90s when I was a college student and basically a TNR liberal. Then I let my subscription lapse but would occasionally read it, online or on paper, particularly the reviews. But less and less. Now I don’t find myself checking it out at all. I think the Beinart era accelerated the decline and, like you, I have no idea who is editing it now.

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