The cheerleaders who keep turning into mourners, and they never learn

Jessica K. writes:

Perusing through the GOP-cheerleader blogs today, I remembered something funny. Was it not you who stated, just a short while ago, that the problem with people who treat politics as a football game is that their celebrations inevitably give way to lamentation? Just a few weeks ago, they were crowing over some Romney-favoring polls, yet today there’s much gnashing of teeth after a man nominated by the very GOP establishment they support ended up knifing them in the back. But no time to contemplate this fact, they’re too busy flooding the Republican coffers with cash contributions. Mr. Romneycare himself, the man who was hobnobbing with Ted Kennedy just a few years ago, has now been designated as our right-wing savior.

So the cycle continues. If Romney wins there’ll be much whooping and hollering from the Rich Lowrys and Jonah Goldbergs of this world. Then despair when they find out he has no intention of repealing the act. Repeat ad nauseam until this crumbling nation is mercifully put out of its misery.

Posted by Lawrence Auster at June 28, 2012 06:26 PM | Send

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