Obama’s nominee to head airport security thinks that the most dangerous terrorist groups in the U.S. are white supremacists

You know how, when a Hollywood movie has a terrorist group, the terrorists are, say, very blond white South African neo-nazis? Just like real life, right? Well, Erroll Southers, nominated to be the head of the Transportion Security Administration (TSA) by our Muslim loving alien-in-chief, believes the Hollywood version—literally. Asked in a 2008 interview, “Which home-grown terrorist groups pose the greatest danger to the U.S.?”, he answered:

Most of the domestic groups that we have to pay attention to here are white supremacist groups. They’re anti-government and in most cases anti-abortion,” he said. “They are usually survivalist-type in nature, identity orientated. If you recall, Buford Furrow came to Los Angeles in, I believe, it was 1999. When he went to three different Jewish institutions, museums, and then wound up shooting people at a children’s community center, then shooting a Filipino postal worker later on. Matthew Hale, who’s the Pontifex Maximus of the World Church of the Creator out of Illinois, and Ben Smith, who went on a shooting spree in three different cities where he killed a number of African Americans and Jews and Asians that day. Those groups are groups that claim to be extremely anti-government and Christian-identity oriented.

Martha Coakley, as district attorney of Middlesex County, Massachusetts, strove assiduously to keep in jail a man who had already served 16 years in prison on fantastical charges—and she did it, as Dorothy Rabinowitz explains, because he was a man and therefore had to be guilty. Janet Napolitano warned that white conservative veterans returning from Iraq posed a terrorist threat to America. And Erroll Southers thinks that white supremacists present the main threat of domestic U.S. terrorism. In their world view and politics, these U.S. Democrats are indistinguishable from the British and European leftist elite who hate their historical countries and peoples and consciously seek to destroy them. The only thing that keeps America from becoming an all-out leftist tyranny like Europe is that, unlike in Europe, a large part of America is conservative and Christian. Without its conservative half, America would be politically indistinguishable from Europe. Which is why the left hates conservative whites so much. We alone keep America from being what it ought to be.

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