Now we know who has the brains—not to mention the sanity—in the Dowd family

Maureen Dowd turns over her column for the day to her brother Kevin, who provides his perspective, which couldn’t be more different from his sister’s, on last week’s elections, and Obama, and the media that created him. (And by the way, how is it that we still don’t know anything about Obama’s record at Columbia, and how is it that the media have not done anything about this?)

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Sophia A. writes:

The Kevin Dowd column was fantastic, but there’s only one word I’d change: “As a semichastened Barack Obama appeared at the press conference…. “

If you believe our media, he was. But if you read the Economist, nope. He was unrepentant, and they pointedly compared his behavior to that of Clinton, who at least made a show of apologizing.

This is not a nitpick. I believe it’s an essential part of the Obama myth/disaster. Our media will not stop deceiving themselves, and trying to deceive us, about this colossal fraud.

And it was all so predictable. Sometimes it helps to state and re-state the obvious. Obama was a member of Jeremiah Wright’s church for 17 years. The media enabled him to skate away from that. Why should they stop now?

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