On Debbie Wasserman-Schultz

As a critic of contemporary names, I have to say that “Debbie Wasserman-Schultz” is one of the most ridiculous and irritating names I have come across. On one hand, she, a member of Congress, uses the childish-sounding nickname “Debbie,” instead of her proper, adult name, Deborah. On the other hand, she insists that the world refer to her by her pretentious hyphenated surname. The ill-sounding mixture of the immature “Debbie” with the pompous, over-long, and difficult-to-pronounce “Wasserman-Schultz” expresses a disordered and out-of-control ego.

And speaking of a disordered and out-of-control ego, look at this picture:


Like her name, her appearance combines elements that don’t fit together and therefore are disconcerting and ugly. While her penetrating eyes and set features suggest harshness and a ruthless will to power, her hair, with those ridiculous excessive ringlets and the “wet” look, convey a Sixties-like extravagant sensuousness and a message of sexual liberation. Like her silly name “Debbie,” her hairstyle is immature and inappropriate for a politician and congresswoman.

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James R. writes:

It is perfect for a progressive to have a name that is at once pompous and adolescent.

Kidist Paulos Asrat writes:

Yes, it is important to look at our leaders in this way. But Debbie isn’t really doing anything different from what is around her. Women are getting more fascistic these days, and they are also appearing (looks-wise) more immature. Probably the two go together.

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