On Pim Fortuyn

Bruce Bawer at FrontPage Magazine remembers the brilliant and charismatic (and flamboyantly perverted) anti-Islam politician who might have been elected prime minister of the Netherlands ten years ago this month had he not been assassinated, following a demented but typical public campaign of villification that portrayed this extreme moral liberterian as an extreme right-winger and fascist. As I said at the time, the Dutch and European media as much as called for Fortuyn’s murder, and then someone murdered him.

VFR has often commented on Fortuyn, particularly in an entry on the fifth anniversary of his death, “How should traditionalists treat Pim Fortuyn?”

See also this 2010 discussion, “Pim Fortuyn speaks,” about the unique quality of determination and passion that Fortuyn brought to the anti-Islamization cause, and how that is what Europe needs to save itself from Islamization and death.

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Sue G. writes:

No sooner did I read this morning’s VFR item about Pim Fortuyn and the links you provided back to his speech, than I discovered that the clip in question, “Pim Has Had Enough of Allah,” has been removed from YouTube, allegedly for copyright reasons. Hmmm….

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