The latest pay-off to black America …

… is a billion dollar handout to black farmers whom the U.S. Agriculture Department turned down for loans. Of course they were turned down because they lacked sufficient credit. But because they’re black, that means that they were discriminated against.

The story is covered at the site Stuff Black People Don’t Like. Here’s the beginning:

One of the great powers bestowed on black people in Black Run America (BRA) is the ability to sue virtually any company or corporation for discrimination (real or imagined) and receive significant restitution in the form of monetary payments, commitments to greater black employment opportunities, and an increase in the audacity of future black plaintiffs intent on capitalizing on their blackness for capital gain at the expense of a country and legal system swimming in the lucrative waters of white guilt.

Black people can profit for any slight (real or imagined) perpetrated by a person, company or the United States government because black people have been anointed with a power once reserved for the gods of ancient times, as they have reached infallible status and are treated reverentially by all.

- end of initial entry -

Clark Coleman writes:

It’s worse than you think. To get in on the gravy train, you don’t have to be a black farmer, just a black citizen. You can then claim that you would have gotten into farming, but you heard that there was discrimination against black farmers, so you were too discouraged to try. With no proof, you get a handout.

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