The moral destruction that white liberalism has inflicted on blacks

James N. writes:

Your recent posts on black rage (and your links back to older work) have had a peculiar effect on me.

This Shareef Allman seems like he was a reasonably upright person. He was certainly not a degenerate criminal.

But he was in the wrong milieu. He had to work, every day, with people who were different. And that difference was not favorable to him. To make matters worse, he was told since he was old enough to understand that the marks of difference were imposed, not inborn, and imposed as acts of cruelty, to make him suffer.

This would be enough to drive a normal man crazy. It’s surprising that reactions such as his are not more common.

I’m sad for him. Sad that white liberals lied to him, over and over. Sad that he believed the lies. Sad that the lies drove him to hate people who had no thought of tormenting or afflicting him in any way.

His death by police gunfire, though just, also saddens me.

The white liberals have piled dry firewood high and deep all over our country. Any spark can set it off.

And this guy wasn’t one of the “bad ones.”

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Lara S. writes:

James N.’s comment reminds of something very similar that an elementary school principal told me years ago about her poor black students in a mostly middle class white school district. She said they know they don’t fit in and that’s why they are angry.

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