Hanson: Obama has set back race relations by a generation

Commenting on Jeremiah Wright’s speech to the NAACP last night, Victor Davis Hanson, the liberal universalist with a gun, declares that “the Obama campaign and its appendages have set back racial relations a generation.”


Make that two generations, to circa 1960, and we’d really have something to cheer about.

What would an America in which race relations had been set back by two generations be like? Let us count the ways:

  • No Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act which took away the right of businesses to hire whom they chose, and instantly morphed into a federally enforced requirement that businesses hire and never fire unqualified blacks, and then applied the same quota system to women, Hispanics, and Asians.

  • No Voting Rights Act which has morphed into guaranteed black districts for the hopelessly corrupt and anti-American Congressional Black Caucus.

  • No universal lowering of standards as part of an endless effort to make black outcomes equal with those of whites.

  • No general conviction, poisoning America against itself and making it incapable of defending its national existence, that America is an inherently racist, guilty country.

  • No entertainment industry transformed into a vast leftist propaganda machine portraying white and Anglo-Saxon men are cold inhuman bigots and recasting all pre-1960 America as a nightmare of oppression and hatred.

  • No mandated racial integration, meaning that many of the talented tenth of blacks would remain in the black neighborhoods helping raise and lead the black community, instead of abandoning it to turn into a third-world outpost.

  • No explosion of welfare, resulting in a black illegitimacy rate of 68 percent.

  • No explosion of black crime, black-on-white murder and armed robbery, and black rape of white women.

  • No feminist movement, which has accomplished nothing but harm to men, women, and families.

  • No Title IX, which requires that schools have the same number of female athletes as male athletes and shuts down male sports programs to equalize the sexes.

  • No “empowerment” of women leading to a population of wimpy demoralized men and ego-crazed women.

  • No integration of women in the service academies and military units.

  • No women helicopter pilots in Iraq getting their legs blown off and with everyone treating this as normal.

  • No Immigration Reform Act of 1965, largely a product of the civil rights movement, which changed America from a country with an 89 percent white population into a country with a 67 percent white population.

  • No population of 35 million Hispanics in America.

  • No Muslim population in America to speak of.

  • No jihadist communities and no terror-funding Islamic organizations in America.

  • No Islamic dinners at the White House.

  • No Muslim foot-washing in university bathrooms.

  • No fear of “racial profiling” or of looking askance at suspicious looking Muslims.
  • No 9/11 attack.

  • No transformation of America into a security state to protect from terrorist attacks.

  • No humiliating and demoralizing treatment of American travelers every day in airports.

  • No destruction of American identity and of a shared American history.

This is only a small sampling. The list of benefits that would result from setting back race relations in America by two generations goes on and on. Without realizing it, Victor Hanson has made a great case for electing Obama president, with Jeremiah Wright as his Secretary of a newly formed Department of Race Relations.

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Richard W. writes:

Absolutely amazing!

I wrote a column on only one of these things five years ago, the stupidity of woman in the military in large numbers, and got so much grief it was amazing.

To tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth is a rare quality these days.

Keep it up!

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